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News Class
Congradulations on Mingmei becoming Olympus biology microscope distributor in IVF reproduction field
The fifth annual meeting of the Asia Reproductive Biotechnology Society
The 3rd annual congress of AFLAS
Ming Mei attended the 2nd World Chinese IVF and Reproduction Conference and Exhibition in Aug 2005in Beijing. NEW products as VitMaster and Virtification Kit were then released, and vast attention was drawn to these products.
Prof. Chang Yun Da, Biochemistry Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai bought an unit of IVOS TOX for the research on reproduction toxicoloyg
Ming Mei is going to sponsor a Maestro : In Vivo Imaging System production demonstration event on 28th Sept, 2005 at the Academic Center,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai
Ming Mei likes to extend the warmest welcome to the CEO and specialist engineer of CRI to Shanghai on 26th Sept, 2005
CRI, a major life science company in the States is represented by Ming-Mei in Asia, has recently released a revolutionary new version of SpindleView, the Oosight which can observe the morphology and transformation of SpindleView real time.

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